Go wild in the Hollandse Duinen

On safari in the Netherlands? It may not sound like an obvious choice, but it is certainly possible. There is plenty of wildlife to see in Dutch nature reserves. This includes the Hollandse Duinen, which is the habitat of the impressive yet inconspicuous roe deer. During this tour you will discover the most unspoilt nature areas that cannot be accessed without a guide.

A safari with a guide or forest ranger can be booked in the summer months only.

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Op zoek naar de Grote Vijf van Nederland

Four-hour roe deer safari

You can explore the Noordwijk forestry area in a Landrover. On the way, the forest ranger will show you how to recognise the signs and sounds of the roe deer. Chances are good that you will encounter fallow deer and foxes, too. During the trip, you will learn everything about their habitat and territory. Should you get the chance, watch the sun sink in the sea from a high dune to make your safari complete.

Holland National Parks - Reetelling

Participate in a roe deer count 

Would you like to contribute to good fauna management? Get up early and participate in a roe deer count. Even if the deer remain elusive you will see how beautiful and unspoilt the dunes are.

Looking for the Big 5

We have our own version of the 'Big 5' in the Netherlands, and the roe deer is one of these sought-after species. You can look for signs of the roe deer in the Hollandse Duinen. The other four Dutch safari royalty are the red deer, the seal, the wild boar and the beaver. Not sure where you should start? Ask the forest ranger, or consult the Staatsbosbeheer website.

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Zeehond

Seal and porpoise watching

Sometimes you can see wildlife along the coast, too. Seals and porpoises can be observed through binoculars from the beach. Unfortunately, these creatures usually only allow themselves to be admired from afar. Would you like to study animals up close? Visit the Naturalis museum in Leiden.

‘Go wild’ in de Hollandse Duinen