Join the Marker Wadden expedition

Board the Abel Tasman, a three-master, and sail to the Marker Wadden. This stunning, newly created island group covering around 10,000 hectares in Markermeer lake is a nature paradise and a unique spot where explores, people seeking peace and quiet, hikers and bird-watchers never have enough time to see it all.

Nieuw Land - Waterkant
Marker Wadden - Landal uitkijkpunt
Marker wadden - meeuwen vliegen op
Markerwadden - uitzicht

Sailing to a unique nature reserve in development

You will board an authentic sailboat in the port of Lelystad or Hoorn and sail to the Marker Wadden islands in about two hours. The islands were created using sand, clay and silt from Markermeer lake. New nature is developing on the islands with their natural shoreline, both above and below the water. It is a paradise for birds and fish. 

Lots of facilities for people are also being created, for instance a ten kilometer pedestrian and plank trail for hiking and bird-watching, or enjoy the wind blowing through your hair at the recreational beach. You can also see the area from a bird’s perspective if you climb the twelve meter bird-watching tower called De Steltloper (‘the wader’). Once you reach the top, you will enjoy the unique view of Markermeer lake beneath the iconic Dutch cloud skies. 

Bit by bit, the island is becoming more colorful and fragrant

Heleen Verduijn Island Ranger
Landal Marker wadden - bijzonder overnachten
Photo: Landal GreenParks

Spending the night in an island cottage 

Spending the night in an energy-neutral island cottage surrounded by nature, far away from the everyday world? This unique opportunity will be available from the summer of 2020. There will be four self-sufficient island cottages on the Haveneiland, with your rental fee benefiting nature conservation in this area. 

Take a special ferry

The Marker Wadden islands can also be reached by ferry, which sails on a set schedule in spring and summer. You can also book a guided expedition. 

Dock your own boat

While the Haveneiland in the Marker Wadden is still under development, you can already dock your own boat. There are berthing boxes and a stacking dock. 

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