Lose track of time in bird haven Meijendel

Meijendel is the largest continuous dune area in the province of Zuid-Holland. You can spend hours here roaming around damp dune valleys, open sand flats, eye-catching water features and dense coniferous forests. With direct access to the sea, the beach at Meijendel is perfect for those enjoy peace and quiet. What makes this nature reserve special is the abundance of birds: there are more than 250 species flying around here. This area cleanses not only water but also the soul. Water is purified here naturally to provide delicious drinking water to almost a million consumers in the region. On a spring evening here, you can enjoy the exuberant song of the nightingale in stereo as background music.

In whichever season you visit Meijendel, there are always beautiful sights to discover in this area.

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Meijdenel

Listen to the king of the European songbirds

Meijendel is in the top 10 of the nature reserves with the most birds in the Netherlands. The most exuberant singer of them all, the nightingale, only arrives once the trees and shrubs are leafing out nicely. Meijendel's sheltered dune habitat is this famous singer's favourite. The nightingale starts arriving in the Netherlands in mid-April and the enthusiastic singing begins. This is the perfect place to hear the king of the European songbirds sing.

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Opgezette vogels in De Tapuit Dunea

A perfect base

The visitor's centre De Tapuit is the perfect starting point for all of your adventures in Meijendel. You can familiarise yourself with a fun route, learn more about water collection or buy nice souvenirs.

Spend hours wandering on winding paths

 Meijendel actually consists of mini-landscapes, each with its own specific flora and fauna. The variety is due to the differences in elevation, the influence of the sea breeze and human use of the land. 

You might also have a chance encounter with a herd of Konik horses or Galloway cattle. And all of this so close to the city. Losing track of time while you wander on winding paths is easy in the beautiful nature here. There are over 140 kilometres of hiking and biking trails in Meijendel.


Thirst for dunes, water and more

There are dozens of dune ponds throughout this area. Here, pre-purified river water slowly seeps into the dune soil. After weeks of natural filtration, it is pumped up and purified to make it suitable for drinking water.

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Pannekoeken boerderij Meyendel

Relax and unharness

Conclude your visit by relaxing in front of the fireplace at Boerderij Meyendel. Everyone is welcome; you can even unharness your horse at the back entrance to the restaurant.

Wandelende mensen in de natuur

Leaning back in the dunes

To the south of Meijendel (near bicycle junction 39) is the catering pavilion ‘Onder de Watertoren’, a place you should not miss. This soberly designed building across the road from the old water tower, is the perfect spot to rest up, watch people pass by, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

De tijd verliezen in vogelgebied Meijendel