On a micro-adventure in Friesland and Flevoland

Experience a huge adventure in five days on this fantastic bike, hiking and canoe route through Friesland and Flevoland’s natural landscapes. Featuring only highlights, it allows your athletic spirit to blossom while at the same time enjoying the peace and quiet. You can count the stars at Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer, explore the attractive provincial capital of Leeuwarden, and discover culture on the Land Art Route in Flevoland. And there’s more…
Vrouw op fiets door de natuur
NP Nieuw Land | Exposure op de dijk
NP Nieuwland | Vogels stijgen op uit water
Photo: Marjolein den Hartog

Historic pleasures

After booking this five-day adventure, you can follow the program at your own discretion. Route descriptions will leisurely guide you on your micro-adventure. Your first day starts as soon as you check in at your hotel in Dokkum, a beautiful, fortified city where you can roam the historic center with its canals and merchant houses. The many welcoming cafés and shops make it a perfect homebase from which to explore the natural landscapes that are within easy reach. We highly recommend visiting Lauwersmeer National Park. This is a true bird paradise with several great hiking routes, where you can count stars as well as birds. Lauwersmeer is an official Dark Sky Park, of which there are only two in the Netherlands. A truly magical spot!

Activiteitencentrum Lauwersnest
Photo: Claudia en Clément

Start at the beginning

The Lauwersnest activity center is the starting point for any visit to Lauwersmeer National Park. It provides lots of information about the region and you can unravel the secrets of the night. Nature is merely a hop, skip and jump away from Lauwersnest and there are all sorts of trails to choose from. So don’t be afraid to leave the nest, there is plenty to see and to do.

From Leeuwarden to Urk

On the second day, you’ll go on a long bike ride covering some 75 km through the green agricultural landscape of Friesland. You’ll get to rest your leg muscles when stepping into a canoe and exploring the narrow waterways of Alde Feanen National Park. Make sure to keep an eye out for spoonbills, beavers or bald eagles!

On day three, you’ll leave Friesland and travel to Urk. Tip: ride your bike through the pleasant capital of Leeuwarden with its very own tower of Pisa called ‘de Oldehove’, an important icon in the Friesian city. We also recommend visiting Blokhuispoort, a former prison that now houses a range of small fashion boutiques and art workshops. A great way to conclude your stay in Leeuwarden and continue on your way to the former fishing island of Urk. 

Oldenhove Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden’s pride

When visiting Leeuwarden, you really shouldn’t miss De Oldehove. This leaning, fat and unfinished tower doesn’t really have an actual function but became an important icon of Leeuwarden through the years. "A'k de Oldehove niet siën ken, dan foël ik my onwennich" is a well-known saying in the city dialect, meaning “I feel uncomfortable if I cannot see De Oldehove”.  Visit it and discover what makes the tower so very special. 

Shockingly beautiful Schokland

On day four you’ll cycle from your pleasant B&B to Schokland, the first Dutch monument to be on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Schokland was a vulnerable peninsula in the frequently wild South Sea. Its place on the list of World Heritage Sites marks the international recognition of the struggle of the Dutch against the water. Planning to visit Schokland in summer? Don’t forget to include one of the cultural events. 

On the last day of your adventure, you’ll continue to explore Flevoland. Follow the Land Art Route to extraordinary and sometimes huge works of art in the landscape, for instance. The kneeling man of steel overlooking Markermeer lake is iconic. You can also visit Nieuw Land National Park, to go for a walk around the Lepelaarsplassen lakes. It’s a stunning landscape with vast views, rough reed fields and wet grass lands. You’ll see many birds here, too, and perhaps even be amazed by the bright colors of a kingfisher! It makes for a stunning conclusion to this five-day trip.


This experience includes four nights, four breakfasts, a canoe tour, several bike and walking routes, tourist tax, and a contribution to the IVN nature preservation organization.