Quietly navigate the Biesbosch jungle

In summertime, the Biesbosch is a veritable jungle. With so much water everywhere, this nature and recreation area is ideally suited to an exploratory expedition by electric boat. Sail through winding creeks, tidal willow forests and overgrown banks. Or put on your nature detective's cap and search for beaver dams, evidence of gnawing and kingfisher nests. After all the amazement you can let your mind drift away to the sound of the murmuring water, which is caused by the unique tide.

Fluisterbootje Biesbosch - Nationaal Park NLDelta
Photo: Piotr Kroczak

Indescribable plant splendour

Because of the changing tide, this nature reserve is filled with greenery. The plant splendour is so diverse and colourful that it is almost impossible to describe. You really must experience it and judge for yourself.

The dense vegetation and abundance of water make the area a paradise for a wide variety of animals, including the most famous Biesbosch resident: the beaver! Numerous other woodland creatures feel right at home in the scenic hiding places in this jungle, too, such as fox, deer and hare. And many species of bird!

Nationaal Park NLDelta - kano - Biesbosch
Photo: Peter Nienkemper

Striking out through the Biesbosch on your own

From April through October, you can rent an electric boat, rowboat, canoe, kayak, or SUP board at Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht, allowing you to explore the Biesbosch on your own. You can determine your itinerary in advance, but the center will give you a boating map for the entire area, which also shows the best spots for an idyllic picnic or walk.

The freshwater tide phenomenon

The Hollandse Biesbosch is connected to the sea via the Nieuwe Waterweg, creating a tidal variation between 70 and 80 centimetres. At flood tide, the rising seawater pushes the freshwater from the rivers into the area. At ebb tide, the pressure in the rivers drops and the water once again flows freely into the sea. 

Fresh water tidal zones are extremely rare in the world, making this something definitely worth seeing in person. There is a chance that hiking paths may be flooded, which is why a boat tour is always your best bet. And dry!

Nationaal Park NLDelta - Excursie de grote 5 - Biesbosch

Excursion on board a salmon fishing boat

Prefer to keep your eyes on the nature the entire time, and not have to worry about steering, the tide, starboard or port? Book a private tour with a Biesbosch guide. In the Brabantse Biesbosch, you can even take a tour with a guide on board a traditional salmon fishing boat.

Fluisterend door de Biesbosch jungle