Run aground in the Wadden Sea

Deliberately go out on a boat to a sandbank and run ground during low tide: does that sound like a seafarer's adventure or not? In the Wadden Sea, high and low tide alternate every six hours, and huge swaths of the flats are uncovered. You can experience this phenomenon for yourself during special organised boat trips. When the ship runs aground, you can put on your hiking shoes to enter and explore the flats. Just make sure you are back on board in time before the water starts to rise.

Best time to visit: May - September

Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - Terschelling

24 hours on the flats

Numerous aground boat trips are offered. Some return the same day, but you can also sign up for a multi-day trip. Typically, you board a few hours prior to low tide and first go sailing while listening to the skipper or shipmate share fascinating stories. Next, the ship is steered onto a sandbank as the water is receding and then you simply wait until the seabed becomes visible. Gently rocking on the seabed, the ship eventually stands on exposed ground. Time to go exploring the flats!

After going for a walk, you return to the ship and as soon as there is enough water your sailing trip resumes. Spend the night on board and slowly drift off to sleep to the sound of the murmuring water. Or if you are on a day trip, set foot back on solid ground and think about the adventure you have just experienced. Running aground is an amazing experience!

Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - historische zeiltocht

Who will you set sail with?

From day trip to Wadden Sea holiday: there is always a tour that suits you. Given the many tour companies, there are quite a few options. Search with ease online and discover which adventure suits you best. You will find one of these tour companies below.

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