Sleep amongst the birds on nature reserve island Tiengemeten

After the last ferry leaves and only the local residents remain, it is truly quiet on the nature reserve island of Tiengemeten. In complete peace and quiet you can enjoy the birds as they look for a place to sleep, the panoramic view with the reddish-pink glow of the setting sun and of course that free and easy island feeling, unique in the Dutch Delta. You will be amazed by the true silence and pitch darkness!

Nationaal Park NLDelta - Tiengemeten landschap
Nationaal Park NLDelta - foeragerende Lepelaars
Schotse hooglander op natuureiland Tiengemeten
Photo: Claudia et Clément
Natuureiland Tiengemeten - wandelaar
Photo: Claudia et Clément

Cooperation between people and nature

Creating the island of Tiengemeten in the Haringvliet involved making an opening in the dike and digging streams. The Haringvliet water now flows in and out freely. The mud flats, reed lands, riparian woodlands, swamps and brushwood attract a tremendous wealth of plant and animal species.

A gem of nature in NLDelta. Where the Rhine and Maas converge and flow into the sea. There is so much to see. Or not; at night, you cannot see a thing, or you have to rely on the light of the starry sky.

Schotse hooglander op natuureiland Tiengemeten
Photo: Claudia et Clément

Rambling permitted!

Roam around 'the Wildernis' and discover that the water is in charge here. The Wildernis is the freshwater tidal zone on the western side of Tiengemeten and has a dynamic nature. Chances are good you will encounter a Scottish highland cow, and you might even see an osprey.

Twilight beaver safari

The accommodation options on this virtually uninhabited island are scarce, but that makes an overnight visit all the more special. An amazing nature experience on a truly quiet and dark island.

You can spend the night in Herberg Tiengemeten, for example; the real adventurers can opt for the adjacent campsite. From here you can join the forest ranger on a twilight beaver safari. Going for a ramble on your own is also an option.

Whenever I board the ferry to the island of Tiengemeten in the Haringvliet, I always feel like I'm on holiday. The nature reserve island is an oasis of calm. Despite being so close to Rotterdam.

Eduard Reuvers forest ranger on nature reserve island Tiengemeten

Ga met de vogels op stok op natuureiland Tiengemeten