Taste the Wadden!

Is there nothing you would like more than to forage for your own meal in the course of a wonderful walk? In that case, you should definitely join the Foodwalk between Den Andel and Warffum. This 6.5 km route runs through the landscape of Groningen and shows you, among other things, the location of the roots of famous and typically Dutch products like RAS© patat and Brinta porridge. In addition, you will get culinary tips from the experts along the way. Are you ready to experience this flavorful walking tour?
Seafood in schaal

The briny temptations of the Wadden

From North Holland to Groningen and from Texel to Schiermonnikoog: the Wadden Sea region is full of surprising flavors. All local and close at hand. A variety of edible wild plants, delicious oysters, tasty potatoes, freshly picked samphire, and of course sustainably caught fish, all within easy reach. And these are just a few examples of the fresh produce from this region. There are unique local ingredients for the most delicious recipes throughout the Wadden Sea region, so feel free to fill your plate with the flavors of the Wadden. 

Untouched nature full of culinary surprises

The Wadden Sea region is known for more than its stunning untouched nature and impressive water heritage – every part of this area has its own culinary surprise. In Friesland, for instance, sweet, salt, land and sea are often mixed with beautiful ingredients on a single plate. And Groningen is known for its even wider variety of flavors. The Kop van Noord-Holland, however, is still unexplored terrain for many food lovers, although there is much to be discovered. Naturally, there are many different kinds of fish, but there are a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs, too. And if you plan to explore the Wadden islands, don’t forget to try famous delicacies like Terschellinger cranberries, dairy from Ameland, and Texels Skuumkoppe. Bon appétit! 

Where does Abraham get his mustard?

There is a wide choice of great addresses to do with food and beverages on the Wadden islands and along the Wadden coast of North Holland, Friesland and Groningen. From the popular restaurant ’t Havenmantsje in Harlingen to Abrahams Mustard Factory in Eenrum, where you can enjoy tasty snacks while learning where Abraham gets his mustard. Whether you want to choose your own meal of enjoy a breakfast, lunch or dinner arrangement or some snacks, the Wadden Sea region has it all. 

Vismarkt in Den Oever

Fresh fish market in Den Oever 

It is every fish lover’s dream: the ZeeVerse Vismarkt in Den Oever. Buy your fish directly from the fishermen and women of Wieringen in the Kop van Noord-Holland every Saturday morning. The fish is brought to shore no more than a day beforehand, so it’s as fresh as it gets. And what makes visiting the ZeeVerse Vismarkt even more fun is that it changes every week. The season determines the available produce, so there is something new to see and taste every week. And to top it all off, the greatest stories of the skippers are served free of charge with your fish! 

Proef de Wadden!