Tiengemeten, a nature reserve island near the city

The very last true island in South West Netherlands: Tiengemeten. Nearby industrial Rotterdam, the only way to reach the island is by ferry. Here you will find an oasis of vast water-rich delta nature and leave the rush of the city behind you. Get acquainted with the grazing sturdy cattle, the swampy reed-lands, thousands of water birds and centuries-old orchards. If you look carefully, you will see beaver lodges along the banks.

Nationaal Park NLDelta - Tiengemeten schotse hooglanders
Nationaal Park NLDelta - Tiengemeten landschap
Pontje Tiengemeten
Photo: Claudia et Clément

Lush, Wild and Melancholy

Tiengemeten is the largest nature development project in the Netherlands. It originated as a sandbar in Haringvliet and has grown into an island over the course of centuries. 
The virtually uninhabited island consists of three areas, each of which has its own charm and nature. On the eastern side, you can imagine you are back in 19th century farm country, with heirloom vegetables such as runner bean and beet still being grown here. In the centre of the island, the rugged grassland and open water define the landscape. A true paradise for birds. On the western side, you will find the least accessible area with mud flats and swamps. This area can be explored, too! You are welcome to walk everywhere on the island.

Bron: Natuurmonumenten - J Lehmann

A night under the starry skies

A single day is really too short for you to experience the entire island. You can extend your island adventure and spend the night in a cosy lockkeeper's house. Or stay in the traditional inn. As soon as the last ferry leaves the quay, everything grows silent and the birds look for a place to roost. Breathtaking! 

Tiengemeten island in hibernation mode

The nature is magnificent during the winter months, too, and you can visit Tiengemeten almost every day. Not much vegetation means you have a good view of wintering birds. Warm clothes and a Thermos of something hot to drink are recommended on cold days.