Unruly nature reserve De Slufter

The dynamic Texel landscape in De Slufter refuses to be tamed! Various attempts to reclaim this salt marsh from the sea and turn it into a polder failed due to the force of the water. The result: a fantastic nature reserve where you can experience wind, water and tides to the utmost. Whatever you do, be sure to bring your binoculars: in addition to the wealth of plant life it is also a paradise for birdwatchers. Eager to discover this briny world?

Texel - de Slufter
Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - Struinen door de Slufter

A moment of solitude

It is where the North Sea flows into the dunes, the briny sea air tickles your nose and the wind tousles your hair. Nature reserve De Slufter offers you all the space in the world to withdraw and enjoy a moment of solitude. No two days are the same here; nature manages to calm you in every situation.

There are various hiking trails in De Slufter that you can download using an app. These routes take you past salt-tolerant plants such as sea lavender, glasswort and sea purslane and lead you to an observation point where you can see avocet, skylark, common eider and common shelduck. A large swath of De Slufter is exclusively for the birds, but the southern section is open to the public. Visitors with disabilities and children can join the adventure, too; there are special facilities to accommodate them.

Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - Texel vis

Taste Texel!

Looking to quench your thirst or satisfy your hunger after the walk? There are numerous establishments nearby. For example, drink a delicious Texel beer at Café De Slufter, or enjoy other local products at Restaurant Gusta. These and other local businesses belong to the Echt Texels Product ('Real Texel Products') association, which promotes products from the island.

Visit the Diepe Gat with the forest ranger

If you prefer the company of others, you can join the forest ranger on an excursion. Literally taste the silty nature or go on a seal safari; choose the excursion that suits you best. A trip to the bird observation point at the Diepe Gat is highly recommended. Volunteer bird sanctuary rangers stationed here from April through August will be happy to share additional information about the birds and the other fauna and flora. Extra tip: for a total experience, bring your wellies! 

Eigenwijs natuurgebied de Slufter