Korendijkse Slikken successful breeding grounds for white-tailed eagle

On 16 March, the Korendijkse Slikken nature reserve in NLDelta National Park was closed down temporarily to allow the birds to rear their chicks in peace. The area harbors special breeding birds, such as bluethroats and harriers. This year they were joined by a pair of white-tailed eagles. With success, since forest rangers spotted a chick in the nest on 23 April!
Nationaal Park NLDelta - Zeearenden Korendijkse Slikken

Dutch rusks with blue sprinkles

It will take a while for the young eagle to leave the nest, taking small steps just like human children. It starts by flapping its wings and practicing on the ground. Towards the end of July, early August, the young white-tailed eagle will start flying.

The chick is a boy. Although chick may be the wrong term: he weighs in at 4 kg. While two chicks were spotted early on, just one healthy young eagle remains in the nest today. It is likely that the other chick, which hatched later and was smaller than the oldest and biggest chick, was thrown out of the nest, giving the remaining chick a better chance of surviving and becoming independent.

De jonge zeearend volgen

The chick was ringed by Werkgroep Zeearend, who also fitted a radio transmitter. According to Dirk van Straalen, chairman of the working group, "The transmitter weighs about 1% of the chick’s body weight and provides information on flying altitudes and locations from the moment the young starts flying, providing valuable information for our research. The study on white-tailed eagles in the Netherlands has been running for three years now and aims to learn more about this species in our country. We want to know how much undisturbed space the Netherlands still offers white-tailed eagles, among other things, but we also use the results for customization and conservation purposes. For instance by asking the authorities to implement protective measures at windmill parks.

Spotting a white-tailed eagle

There is a good chance that the white-tailed eagles will remain at the nest and Spuimonding until mid-august. The hiking path in the Korendijkse Slikken will be accessible to the public from 16 July onwards. You can also take a boat tour of the nature reserve. Bring your binoculars and keep looking up while visiting this beautiful area.