Seven special accommodations on the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site

The Wadden Sea World Heritage Site is a chain of islands with an impressive cultivated landscape. It is a vast area with countless attractions that surprises you with its beauty every day in every season. If you are willing to take your time, you may be rewarded with a view of the tidal flat peeping above the water, or a seal with its young. Discover the unique and fragile nature of an ecosystem in perfect equilibrium with the true night at the Dark Sky Park and the many places where millions of birds congregate. Such an extraordinary environment clearly demands equally special accommodations. We have selected seven of them for you.
Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - Bijzonder overnachten In It Posthûs
Hotel Ambrosijn - bord met visgerecht
Hotel Nobel Ameland - Hotelkamer

The wild apple of Schiermonnikoog

The smallest hotel on Schiermonnikoog is called Hotel Ambrosijn and boasts three luxurious four-star suites, a restaurant that makes culinary dreams come true, and a famous ice cream salon that serves the best ice cream made from fresh island cow’s milk. The centrally situated building stands on the Langestreek, a lane with many picturesque islander residences. From here, several roads lead to the beach, into the woods or dunes, and to the sea. Immerse yourself in the history, culture and nature of the island and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Sleeping on the water in the Frisian city of Harlingen

Have you always dreamed of living or sleeping on a boat? In that case, this special accommodation  should be a lifesaver, since you will find the Lilla Marras, a former lifeboat and now a very special place to spend the night, up north in the province of Friesland. This English beauty saved dozens of seafarers from drowning between 1955 and 1979 but has now been retired to receive guests. They will enjoy the view of the Wadden Sea and her home port, the city of Harlingen.

There are plenty of cozy spots on deck to relax, and there is a wooden double bed and a tub in the shape of a waterlily leaf in the forward cabin. The aft cabin serves as a day accommodation, where you can also enjoy your fully catered breakfast. If you want to hear the engine rumble, you can book a private captain for a two-hour boat tour, since this boat is not just a wonderful accommodation but a fully operational ship, as well. She is left to rest during the winter – you cannot spend the night or go sailing with the Lilla Marras from November through March. 

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Crazy for Hotel Nobel Ameland

On Ameland, you can also spend the night surrounded by centuries-old houses at Hotel Nobel Ameland. This characteristic hotel has a modern interior with every possible amenity. And if that is not special enough, you can spend the night in the small church of Ballum across the street. Glass is used throughout these two mirrored apartments so daylight can reach every nook and cranny. Ballum boasts a beautiful beach with different natural wonders every season, as is to be expected when you travel to such a beautiful island. Ameland is a real paradise with forests, dunes, salt marshes, polders and tidal flats. It has a huge variety of birds as well as the Oerd nature reserve, an amazing vast dune area with sand flats on the east side of Ameland that is highly recommended.

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In It Posthûs

Hotel It Posthûs can be found in the Frisian village of Burdaard on the Dokkumer Ee, a barge canal between Leeuwarden and Dokkum that makes for a fantastic boat tour. Despite the building being an old inn, the rooms are equipped with every amenity and have a modern interior. It Posthûs is centrally situated, so it is easy to explore Terschelling, Ameland and/or Schiermonnikoog. Are you hungry after all that activity? It Posthûs runs a great restaurant with a view of the water and the Burdaard bridge, where the staff serves the season on your plate.

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Far removed from it all but still nearby in Termunterzijl

Termunterzijl has it all: it is surrounded by beautiful nature reserves, polder landscapes and the sea. As such, Hotel Termunterzijl is the perfect starting point if you want to enjoy quiet, space and beautiful views. You can explore the entire province from this small village near Eemshaven, Delfzijl, and Groningen. There are plenty of attractive spots and history to discover! The hotel itself boasts every modern amenity with access to a fitness room, swimming pool, and a restaurant that serves a delicious lunch, a multiple-course dinner, or simply a cup of great coffee.

Tip: You can also book several packages at the hotel, such as the Borkum package which includes a boat tour to the German Wadden island of Borkum. A three-course dinner revolving around seafood is served on board – we highly recommend it! 

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Historic warehouse overlooking the harbor

In the historic warehouse overlooking the harbor of Oudeschild, three worlds come together. The freedom and quiet of the island of Texel, the space and privacy like a summer house by the water, and the luxury and service of a hotel suite. The hotel has three boutique suites of different sizes, from cozy to big enough to accommodate an entire family. Oudeschild is the only village on Texel that is right by the sea. You can board a boat in Oudeschild to explore the Wadden Sea and learn about the VOC history of the Texelse Reede at the Kaap Skil museum. Fish restaurant ’t Pakhuus serves delicious regional dishes and fish on the ground floor of the hotel. So, Hotel Texel Suites is certain to delight all your senses.

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A royal accommodation amid the dunes

Boutique hotel The Baron Crown, near Den Helder, is within walking distance from the beach surrounded by a vast nature reserve. This historic building dating from 1936 is a perfect place to relax in regal suites decorated with lush draperies and chandeliers. From the hotel, you walk straight into the dunes or to the quiet beach, or you can take a stroll through the town of Den Helder towards De Donkere Duinen forest.

There are six different suites, four of which on the top floor. In addition to an authentic beamed ceiling, you will have a stunning view of the deep garden or the highest cast-iron lighthouse in Europe. The hotel also has a pleasant lounge with a lovely fireplace, as well as an attractive breakfast room that serves a freshly made breakfast every morning. The Baron Crown is a beautiful starting place for discovering the ‘Kop van Noord-Holland’ (tip of North Holland) and the Wadden Islands. The sea is always nearby.

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