Sense of Place; the story of the North

In the countryside along the Wadden coast, visual art and design projects tell the unique story of the landscape, the inhabitants, the history and the future. It’s a truly impressive way to highlight the many qualities of the region. From culture to landscape and cultural history, the Wadden coast has so much to offer. The projects generate extra attention and meaning for the region: a Sense of Place. Be transported and immerse yourself in the story of the North.
Sense Of Place Robert Veenstra
Foto: Robert Veenstra

The effect of dynamic interaction

Sense of Place is about a landscape in motion. About sandbanks, gullies and salt marshes that disappear and reappear. But it’s also about the relationship between man and nature near the dikes and terps and the associated constant battle against the water. It’s about the juxtaposition of the enormous strength and the enormous vulnerability of this region. Hear the silence, see the horizon and smell the sea.

Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - De strijd om de Wadden

Stories of the pumping stations

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of waterworks dotted along Friesland’s landscape. The pumping stations, locks and overflows guide the surface water and keep the groundwater level in check. They are works of art in themselves, which are sometimes taken for granted by many people and therefore often overlooked. Even though they are indispensable for the survival of the habitat.

Via the +/- 50 kilometre-long 'Stories of the pumping stations audio route' you can go on a journey of discovery along a number of these Frisian waterworks. Using your phone or tablet as a guide, you can discover the DNA of the province by bike or car. The route takes you from the village of Firdgum to the authentic village of Marrum and back west towards Ried. You’ll pass 11 waterworks along the way. Dive beneath the surface of the water where fish migrate. Climb the dike to see how the sheep contribute to the preservation of nature. And travel through time and learn how all the villagers worked together to keep the water at bay.

Foto: Robert Veenstra

Sense of Place route

The Sense of Place route connects all the visual art and design projects along the Wadden coast. Whether cycling or walking, you’ll be transported into the stories of the Wadden coast in a special way. Along the way you’ll meet various entrepreneurs who each tell their authentic stories and offer suitable products along with them. Keep a close eye on the developments around the route because more projects will be added in the coming years.

Waddenzee Werelderfgoed_ Kerken Friesland -Groningen_Ellen van den Doel

Story Expedition Friesland

From the highest terp to the newest pumping station and from land worker to potato farmer, discover the most beautiful stories of the Wadden region during the 'Story Expedition Friesland'. Hop on your bike or get in the car and follow this educational route along the Frisian Wadden coast. The two-part tour (west and east) takes you past various Sense of Place projects, and other interesting sights and facts are also covered. You start at Grândyk 5 in Holwerd, where you can choose either the western variant (22 km) or eastern variant (30 km).

Be sure to check out the projects within walking distance: Waiting for High Water, a preview of Dijk van een Wijf (The Dame), and one of the metres-high Bildtstars and Eigenheimers portraits.

Foto: Robert Veenstra
Sense Of Place Robert Veenstra

Terp fan de Takomst

Since summer 2022, the Terp fan de Takomst has been located in the village of Blije, a great place to spend time amongst the nature and enjoy the surrounding landscape. The terp is about 80 metres wide, 5.7 metres above sea level and has been built completely circularly. This community-developed spot outside the dikes makes the connection between the village and the wider Wadden region tangible. There is a route and exhibition and regular excursions take place. Village life and work centres around the Wadden Sea. Literally!

When you think of the Frisian landscape, you think of terps (man-made dwelling mounds). They appeal to the imagination when it comes to history, raise questions when it comes to archaeology, and inspire art, culture and future developments. There is already a cycling and walking route to the terp of Hegebeintum, the highest terp in Friesland.

Sense of Place; het verhaal van het Noorden