Red deer rut excursions in Het Groene Woud

If you would like to experience the imposing rutting call, great antlers and other mating rituals of red deer, join a red deer rut excursion in Het Groene Woud (the green forest) at Van Gogh National Park. Join a guide and trek into the forest to witness this unique spectacle!


These excursions to the roaring and battling red deer occur from 15 September through 17 October. The red deer are most active at twilight, so the tours are held in the evenings or early mornings.  

Rutting call in Brabant
The fawns are born about eight months after rutting season, in May and June. They live in De Scheeken and De Mortelen nature reserves, at the heart of Het Groene Woud between Liempde, Oirschot and Best. With their specific behavior and grazing habits, the red deer ensure life in the landscape. It is the only place in the province of Brabant where red deer live.

You can register for the rutting season excursions from 6 September 2021 onwards.