Special overnight stays in Oosterschelde National Park

A world of mudflats, salt marshes and sandbanks where the landscape is completely transformed by the tide twice a day. The Oosterschelde is the largest and wettest national park in the Netherlands, which means it’s not a place where you can see everything in a brief visit. It is best to stay a few nights if you really want to take in the rugged Zeeland nature and culture. You will be spoiled for choice and there is something for everyone in this island-rich province. Put the cherry on the cake of your visit by booking a special overnight stay amongst or near all the natural beauty of the area. We have highlighted four options for you.
B&B Steurhoeve | Park met huisje
Zonsondergang - zon zakt in de Oosterschelde
Nationaal Park Oosterschelde - toren

Wake up naturally at B&B Steurshoeve

Hidden in a sheltered and leafy corner on the south coast of Schouwen-Duiveland is Bed and Breakfast Steurshoeve, a two-person residence where you’re free to do what you want. Make your own breakfast or have it made for you, drink a glass of wine by the campfire or head up the dike to enjoy the gorgeous view over the Oosterschelde. Not sure yet? Then the included sauna set in the lovely natural surroundings should certainly convince you to book a stay. 

Want to experience nature here in all its glory? Get out of bed, put on your swimsuit and begin the day with a refreshing dip just over the dike. Or maybe go for a stroll along the rugged polder landscape or the grassland full of various plants, herbs and meadow birds. Schouwen-Duiveland offers a lot of culture to go along with the nature, as you will clearly see if you visit the historic city of Zierikzee.


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Relax above or below deck on the sailing barge De Stoere Eenvoud

Want to send a message in a bottle and be rocked to sleep by the waves? Then hire the 23.5-metre-long skippered sailing barge ‘De Stoere Eenvoud’ or go on a multi-day trip organized by the owners Cora van de Koppel and Henk Dijkema. The ship is equipped with all the necessities and comforts: a cosy seating area, several bunk beds, a gas stove, good sanitary facilities and, of course, board games and books to make life on the water even more enjoyable. Navigate to the website to read about the current tours and activities on offer. 


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Breathe in the fresh sea air from the veranda of a gypsy wagon

Do you prefer the camping life but not the hassle of setting up and taking down a tent or caravan? Then this quirky gypsy wagon is perfect for you. There is only one of them at the Zeelucht mini-campsite located on the Oosterschelde, so you’re guaranteed a special overnight stay! 

Due to the mini-campsite’s location, Zeeland Saltwater Delicacies excursions are organized in collaboration with Oosterschelde National Park. From this location you can go in search of all the deliciousness that the Oosterschelde has to offer because what could be tastier than oysters you collected yourself fresh from the water? 


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Luxury overnight stay in the eco-friendly Water Village

Kamperland is a Dutch mecca for water sports lovers located on the nine-kilometre long Oosterscheldekering. Anyone who loves water will definitely get a good night’s sleep in one of the Roompot Water Village bungalows. Nature is central in this park and you can enjoy an auto-free and environmentally responsible stay without scrimping on luxury. Everything has been thought of, so turn on your relax switch and enjoy yourself.

Want to get out and do something active? You can walk in the sand and take a refreshing dip in the sea that’s within walking distance or hire a mountain bike as a great option for seeing the impressive Oosterscheldekering up close. 


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