Birdwatching excursion to the Marker Wadden

Step aboard our sailboat Schuttevaer and go on a birdwatching excursion to the Marker Wadden, part of National Park Nieuw Land. This beautiful natural paradise is a unique place where hikers and bird spotters never find enough time to see it all.
Uitkijktoren op de Marker Wadden
Haven Enkhuizen
Vliegende visdief - vogel

In the harbor of Enkhuizen, you will board the Schuttevaer, a fantastic sailboat. The world’s first naviduct, an aqueduct with a lock incorporated into the waterway, leads into Markermeer lake, after which the Schuttevaer sets course for the Marker Wadden islands. You will be able to spot birds as soon as you reach the lake as there are different kinds of seagull. 

The Schuttevaer will bring you to the harbor on Haveneiland, the only Marker Wadden island open to the public. Once you leave the ship, you can go for a walk on the sand and platform paths, but you can also join the birdwatching guide and study the many birds on the island. Since the nature reserve is still evolving, you can never be sure what bird species you will actually see. 

Observation points
There are three birdwatching huts on the island, called Lepelaar, Duikeend and Steltloper. The last one is an observation tower that is twelve meters tall! Climb to the top to enjoy the unique view of Markermeer lake beneath the iconic Dutch cloud-filled sky. There is also an observation screen called Aalscholver on the northeastern side of the island. Open the wooden hatches to watch the water and the countless birds.  

Borrowing binoculars
If you don’t have your own binoculars, you will be able to borrow one of several pairs for the duration of the tour. 

8 hour(s)