Through the eyes of Clo and Clem

In October, the two French travel bloggers Claudia and Clément (a.k.a. Clo & Clem) visited the Netherlands. They wrote a great blog post about their trip, the way only bloggers do. And they did more than just write! So if you’d rather look than read, enjoy this short movie they made during their road trip to the National Parks in the Netherlands.
Claudia en Clément (Clo & Clem) wandelen op het strand
Claudia en Clément - vrouw fietst over brug
Photo: Claudia en Clément (Clo & Clem)

Not far at all

Are you interested in visiting the Netherlands from France, but are you worried about the trip being a huge hassle? It won’t be if you book the Thalys, a high-speed train that takes you from Paris to Rotterdam in just 2.5 hours. With such short travel times, the Netherlands is the perfect destination for a (short) weekend away from home in France. The train is also how Clo and Clem started their trip to the Netherlands. Once they arrived in Rotterdam, they continued their explorations in an electric car and drove to the Biesbosch to search for beavers in their natural habitat. Visit their website to discover whether they succeeded and how they fared on their trip through the untouched natural landscape in the Netherlands