Cooking in boots

Seaweed: it grows in water and is an excellent meat substitute. But how do you prepare these plants so that you retain most of the vitamins and get great flavor, too? You’ll learn all this and more in the WildWier workshop ‘Cooking in boots’ that focuses entirely on touching, smelling, tasting and cooking with seaweed. A perfect way to experience Oosterschelde National Park with all your senses. All you need are solid shoes and some healthy curioseaty!
Zeewier snijden - Koken op laarzen - Oosterschelde
Photo: WildWier
Zeewier in de Oosterschelde - Koken op Laarzen
Photo: WildWier
Gerecht met zeewier - Koken op Laarzen - Oosterschelde
Photo: WildWier

If you want to do more than just look at seaweed, this is your chance. The workshop presents the perfect opportunity to see how and where seaweed grows and how you can bring it to your plate in a sustainable manner. A license is mandatory for picking seaweed, since large scale or aggressive harvesting can have a serious negative impact on the fragile ecosystem. You’ll brave the elements, strolling past the wild growth of the North Sea while learning the basics of seaweed and its harvesting. You will then prepare an organic vegetarian meal on the coast together, concluding your day with a self-made buffet by the sea and filling a container with seaweed to take home. 

3 hour(s)
Noordoostelijke havendam, Vluchthaven, Neeltje Jans