Cycling through Brabant

The farmland, and in particular the farms in the Nuenen area, inspired and fascinated Vincent van Gogh. Through his many visits to these places, he developed into a true peasant painter. “By constantly seeing peasant life at all hours of the day, I have become so caught up in it that I hardly ever think of anything else,” he writes in a letter to Theo van Gogh in April 1885 in Nuenen. Do you also want to be inspired and fascinated by this landscape? Then definitely choose this cycling route.

Best time to visit: all year long

De Dommel bij Nederwetten - Van Gogh Nationaal Park
Foto: Hans Avontuur

Brabants Bodem tells the story of the beauty and value of farm life in Brabant, with extra focus on the resulting products. Enjoy a 40 km cycle route through Van Gogh National Park, meet various local farmers and taste the special products they grow.

Cycle past five unique farms

The Brabant landscape with its winding streams, extensive nature reserves and vital farmland offers honest and local products. In that sense, the landscape is not so different from what Van Gogh saw. During the route you will stop at five different farms in and around Nuenen, and each one has something unique to offer. At one you visit an authentic farm shop, at the other you walk a path which will let you experience farm life. You will also pass places that remind you of Vincent Van Gogh. Hop on the pedals and discover how beautiful and sustainable the Brabant agricultural sector is. And while you’re there, get something healthy, pure and tasty to take home.

Van Gogh Nationaal Park - De Stoerderij | Man en waterbuffel
Foto: De Stoerderij

De Stoerderij

They like wet soil, are strong and help manage grass and herb species in nature. We are talking about water buffalos. There are about 100 of them in the meadows around Son en Breugel. Farmer Arjan makes mozzarella, ice cream and yoghurt from the milk at Water Buffel Farm De Stoerderij. You can also buy tender and honest water buffalo meat there.

In addition to admiring the buffalo and sampling the traditional products, various excursions are organised for those who would like to learn more about the animals and the company. Check their website for more information and the dates.

More Van Gogh along the route

Along the way you pass many sights in Nuenen that have a link with Van Gogh. Don't forget to make a stop here:

  • Windmill De Roosdonck

  • The poplar avenue with a house at the end; painted by Vincent in the fall of 1884.

  • Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path

  • Watermill of Opwetten

  • Statue of Vincent van Gogh

  • The vicarage

  • Bronze statue The Potato Eaters

De Hofstad - Wei met koeien
Foto: De Hofstad

De Hofstad

Maybe Vincent walked here… let his eyes wander over nature and saw the same farm as you do now. Organic dairy farm De Hofstad has been located here in Breugel for almost 250 years. Today, Paul and Lia manage this farm organically, with care and love. Feel free to take a walk along the Koeienpad (cow path).

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