Special overnight stays in Van Gogh National Park

Looking forward to the vast nature reserves, meandering streams, country estates and beautiful city and village views? Or is it your interest in the great Van Gogh that makes you want to visit the national park that bears his name? Whatever your reason, we recommend setting aside a few days to really explore the area. Naturally, such a special park includes special places to stay. You’ll be spoilt for choice. Take a look!

Sleeping in a national heritage site

It’s possible at the Van Gogh Cottage. This lovely B&B sleeps two and is located in the centre of Nuenen, also known as Van Gogh Village. The beautiful historic building is located at a nice spot in the village, with the Vincentre museum and the colourful Brabant landscape just around the corner. It’s the ideal place to enjoy peace and comfort, which is what the B&B has to offer. And that’s not all. You can also visit this area for a fascinating cultural experience.

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Camping on the water

Want to be gently rocked to sleep on the water? Then this camping raft is perfect for you. Far from the hustle and bustle, you can fully enjoy the silence broken only by the occasional sound of reeds swaying in the breeze or a passing bird. At times like this, it’s easy to get so immersed in the experience that you don’t really think about where you are. But you’re in De Heen, a small village on the border between North Brabant and Zeeland. De Heen’s camping rafts are located in the wetlands of the Brabantse Wal. This location is the ideal place to get to know the special, natural surroundings better or to head out to soak up some culture. The Zeeland coast is also within reach, so you can spend even more time in and on the water.

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Sleeping at Lowieke

B&B Lowieke is set in lush green surroundings, among the tree nurseries, in the outskirts of Zundert. It’s a luxurious, cosy B&B where you will be welcomed with true Brabant hospitality. After stepping out of your rainfall shower, you can join us for a delicious breakfast of local products. Eaten your fill? Then head out on one of the beautiful nearby walking or cycling trails. You could also explore Zundert a bit more or visit the bird rehabilitation centre. There is plenty to do in this picturesque area.

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By the linden tree

It’s been the subject of thousands of photos. We are talking about Het Kostershuisje in Nuenen, a charming historic highlight of the picturesque village. Originally built as a weaver's cottage, it can now be booked as a special accommodation. You can't get much closer to Van Gogh. He depicted the large loom, which has always been in the house, several times in his work. So it's a real cultural hotspot. The fact that it has been beautifully modernised inside and that the woods or the big city can easily be reached from the property in no time makes your stay complete.

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Overnight stays in a grape greenhouse

Huize Druivelaar B&B is invisible from the street and completely surrounded by greenery. It’s an authentic and unique 100-year-old grape greenhouse, containing equally old vines and two luxurious, comfortable rooms. Lose yourself in the dreamy atmosphere of its 2,600 m2 lush city garden. Want to explore the hustle and bustle of the city? A 15 minute bike ride takes you to the heart of Breda. If you’re interested in a more relaxed vibe, you can reach the Mastbos forest in the same amount of time. The choice is yours.

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