Van Gogh Nationaal Park - watermolen Eindhoven

Van Gogh National Park

Where nature begins in the villages and cities

A landscape full of winding streams, vast nature reserves, farmland, country estates and beautiful views of cities and villages. That's Van Gogh National Park, the area where Vincent van Gogh grew up. Here in the middle of Brabant, this uniquely talented painter was inspired by nature and the working people who played an important role in his world-famous masterpieces. This national park serves as a direct link between villages and cities and nature. It is an area where people work hard and enjoy life to the fullest.

Smart region and super green

The Van Gogh National Park is not a park with hard borders, but instead a central area with fluid boundaries. It extends in and around the cities of Breda, Tilburg, 's-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven and Helmond and is a smart region, where innovation and hospitality set the tone. And it’s all located in the middle of a beautiful green landscape.

Vincent's birthplace

Visit this national park to experience and hear about Van Gogh’s story and his connection with Brabant. Its origins lie in the town of Zundert, where his love for nature first arose. In Etten Leur, not far from there, Vincent decided to follow his heart and become a painter. Those who want to get to know Vincent even better should go to Nuenen, where he painted his first masterpiece 'The Potato Eaters' in 1885. And there are even more places here that offer a glimpse into the life and work of the man who continues to inspire people around the world.

Foto: Femke Nouws

Follow the route or create your own plan

Alternate between rest and activity at a pleasant pace during the 435-km (270 miles) Van Gogh cycle route. Combined with an extensive walking route network, it takes you through Vincent’s birthplace, where numerous local nature and heritage routes can also be found. It is a treat for anyone who wants to explore the unique locations and stories of Brabant.

Would you rather create your own route or not cycle the full 435 kilometres? No problem. There are 10 shorter cycling circuits and you can create your own route in no time via the junction network. Stroll into the village or cycle out of the city, there are countless combinations. In Van Gogh National Park, you'll always discover something new, whether you want an urban experience with just a touch of nature or prefer local traditions and nature in all its glory.

Tradition and the future come together

Small-scale and intimate or big and impressive? In Van Gogh National Park, you don't have to make a choice. Vincent was a unique artist with an eye for simplicity and a genius of innovation. This is why you will also find these characteristics in this park. It's a place where tradition and the future meet again and again. 

Visit Van Gogh National Park

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In Van Gogh’s footsteps




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